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Following Jesus Down The Road Less Traveled

What Would Jesus Do At The Wild Goose Festival

This past week my daughter Olivia and I took a seven-hour road trip to the Wild Goose Festival.  I must confess that next to bodyboarding I do not know when I have had so much crazy fun. Over 2,000 people converged on Hot Springs, North Carolina to have a celebration of Jesus in a primal, […]

Jesus Is The Embodiment Of God’s Dream For The World & Violent People Still Hate That Dream

God has an answer for humanity’s cycle of greed, hostility, violence and scapegoating. As our word descends deeper into fear and the need for security, God offers His Dream for the world as a glorious alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions That Americans Have About Refugees

Christians Taking Action I found this really cool website called We Welcome Refugees.  I am so encouraged by their desire to take the message of Jesus seriously in their efforts to help solve this global crisis. No doubt there are many Americans who are concerned that if we let more refugees into the country we […]

Jesus Was A Refugee & What You Can Do To Help Ease His Suffering

The Greatest Human Migration Crisis In Recorded History According to Methodist Minister and human rights activist Mike Slaughter we are living to see the greatest refugee crisis the world has ever known.  He says, “Wars, conflict and persecution around the world have forced more people to flee and seek refuge elsewhere in recent years than […]

What Would Jesus Do About the Syrian Refugee Crisis: An Evangelical Christian Response

Does Jesus have a relevant message for us concerning the Syrian refugee crisis? Is there an Evangelical response to his message. Lynne Hybels thinks so and so do I?

Dear Franklin Graham… A Letter From Brian McLaren

Franklin Graham thinks we should not let Muslim immigrate to the U.S. any more. What would Jesus do? Check out my friend Brian McLaren’s blog post and my video testimonial on how God used a Muslim child named Omar to turn my heart from hating Muslims to loving them.

“Dad, You Have To Go To The Sudan And Try To Help Meriam Ibrahim and Her Baby!”

Many people over the past year have asked me to share more of my story about trip to Sudan to help Meriam Ibrahim. This blog entry captures the essence of that journey.

American Muslims Help Rebuild Churches

There a many Muslims leaders not only speaking out against ISIS and terrorism but they are also trying to help their Christian neighbors in this country who are going to times of suffering and difficulty. American Muslims are helping African American Christians rebuild their burned down churches. This is so cool. Check out my blog on this story!

The Confederate Flag: Heritage or Hate?

When I was young I used to think that I could separate the Confederate flag and my love of Civil War history from the darkness of the slavery issue that actually led to the war. Some of my Southern friends who also wanted to sanitize the Confederate flag and the heritage associated with it would appeal to the South succeeding over states rights. It would become clearer as I grew up that the number one states right the South was fighting for was the right to own slaves. As as young man, I was so naive. Here is a blog with a little bit of my story. I hope you find it helpful.

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