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Pathways to Peace

Following Jesus Down The Road Less Traveled

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If you’re serious about following Jesus – or are in any way inspired by his teaching and example – I’d like to help you discover and participate in God’s Dream for you and the world. Together, I believe we can make this happen – through holistic peacemaking and reconciliation, restorative justice and joy.

Where I’m Coming From

I’m discovering that Jesus’ path of peacemaking and reconciliation is practically knowable and doable. Through intentional friendship, meal-sharing, and listening, I’ve seen first-hand how former enemies can taste God’s peaceable kingdom, right here and now. Would you like to join me in these pathways to peace?

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Perhaps you have been reading my blogs or have heard me speak on YouTube, at a mosque, church or synagogue. After you heard me speak or read my blogs you were inspired to become part of the peace and reconciliation movement to bring Muslims, Christians and other people of good will together in the United […]

What Would Jesus Do At The Wild Goose Festival

This past week my daughter Olivia and I took a seven-hour road trip to the Wild Goose Festival.  I must confess that next to bodyboarding I do not know when I have had so much crazy fun. Over 2,000 people converged on Hot Springs, North Carolina to have a celebration of Jesus in a primal, […]

I’m Back. Did You Miss Me?

Hi! Remember Me?  I am Jeff Burns; peace builder between Muslims and Christian in the U.S.  I hope you are doing well.  I want to humbly apologize that you have not heard from me for awhile.  You signed up for my blog, and it seemed like I just disappeared.  It was not fair to my […]

Jesus Is The Embodiment Of God’s Dream For The World & Violent People Still Hate That Dream

God has an answer for humanity’s cycle of greed, hostility, violence and scapegoating. As our word descends deeper into fear and the need for security, God offers His Dream for the world as a glorious alternative.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Through The Eyes of A Child: My 9 Year Old Daughter Olivia Weighs In On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

As the debate heats up and polarizes on the plight of the Syrian refugees it is so easy to forget that we are making decisions about human beings who desperately need our help. My daughter Olivia wanted to share a kids perspective on why she thought we should help the Syrian refugees. Sometimes I think we become less human as we “grow up.” Maybe children have the heart of God and we should listen more.

Immigration Attorney & Pastor Comments On Why He Thinks The U.S. Should Still Take In Syrian Refugees

If you are serious about understanding the refugee vetting process? Then you need to listen to Scott Hicks, Immigration attorney and Methodist minister. He gives us the real facts on this issue and helps ease our fears concerning more refugees coming into this country. Hands down this is going to be one of my most helpful posts on this issue.

ISIS Wants Americans & Europeans to Hate Refugees

ISIS has killed at least 100,000 Muslims. ISIS is pissed that Muslims are fleeing to Europe and the U.S. They want you to hate them so they have to be force to come back to the Caliphate. Are we in danger of falling into their trap?

Former Marine Comments On Why He Thinks The U.S. Should Still Take In Refugees

Are we still the land of of free and home of the brave? Can we still be be both safe in our home land and open to the hurting huddle masses of humanity fleeing terrorism? A U.S. Marine shares his thoughts on this.

How Antoine Leiris Responds To Death of His Wife In The Paris Terrorist Attacks

How shall we live in light of the Paris terrorist bombings? A husband of a murdered wife and father of 17 month old son has chosen the path of love and hope. How will you choose to live?

Syrian Refugees Scapegoated and Mosque’s Vandalized

If we as Christians stand back and let our Muslim friends rights be violated then it is just a matter of time when we lose ours. We cannot have it both ways.