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ISIS Wants Americans & Europeans to Hate Refugees

ISIS has killed at least 100,000 Muslims. ISIS is pissed that Muslims are fleeing to Europe and the U.S. They want you to hate them so they have to be force to come back to the Caliphate. Are we in danger of falling into their trap?

ISIS Murdering Muslims

ISIS attack in Kobani, Syria
ISIS attack in Kobani, Syria (photo by Gokham Sahin/Getty Images)

Many Americans do not realize that ISIS has killed more Muslims than they have any other group.  It is estimated that ISIS has killed at least a 100,000 Muslims.  ISIS is not only out to obliterate ancient historical sites or anything that represents Christianity, but also Muslims who do not conform to their radical violent sectarian version of Islam.  This is a side story that is not emphasized enough in the media.

Why Is There A Syrian Refugee Crisis?

We are having a refugee crisis because Muslims are fleeing from ISIS for their lives.  These Muslim refugees along with their Christian neighbors are seeing their sons and husbands murdered by ISIS and their daughters forced to become sex slaves.  If they do not join ISIS and become radicalized the alternatives are death, rape and torture.  This is how the Caliphate of ISIS is attempting to force the “rule of God” on earth.

ISIS Sinister Plan

Adam Taylor who writes on foreign affairs for the Washington Post believes the Paris terrorist attacks were a trap to get Europe to hate Muslims.  ISIS wants us to hate Muslims and refugees so that they will be forced to join the Islamic State.  He says:

If Muslim refugees come to Europe and are welcomed, it deeply undercuts the Islamic State’s legitimacy. Aaron Zelin, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, has helpfully catalogued some of the Islamic State’s messages on the refugees pouring into Europe from the Middle East. The messages give the impression of deep discomfort and even jealousy that the Muslim population the Islamic State so covets for its self-proclaimed “caliphate” would rather live in “infidel” Western lands. 

Are We Falling Into ISIS’s Trap?

Those of us in the United States and Europe should strongly consider our treatment of our Muslim neighbors and how we handle the Syrian refugee crisis.  We do not want to be reactionary pawns in ISIS’ grande schemes or fall into their terrorist traps.

This behooves us to attempt to work for a win/win solution on the Syrian refugee crisis and how we relate to our Muslim neighbors so we can balance our great need for security with our responsibility to be good neighbors and humanitarians.  ISIS is terrified that we will find that balance.  Maybe we as a nation we should consider doing the opposite of what ISIS hopes we will do with Syrian refugees and our Muslim neighbors.

Adam Taylor has written an outstanding article called The Islamic State Wants You To Hate Refugees.  I give this article “two thumbs up.”  It is loaded with links to other research that will help you see how ISIS wants to use a strategy of fear and hatred to get Muslims on their side by turning us against them.  I hope you will take some time to read Adam’s article and consider his research. While our leaders prepare for war with ISIS let us continue peace and friendship with our Muslim neighbors who are equally opposed the evil radical agenda of ISIS. May we not force  Muslims who hate ISIS into a corner that the Islamic State so desperately hopes we will do.  ISIS Wants You To Hate Refugees



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I dunno…they want to kill everyone who doesn’t think or behave like them…..Besides, I honestly don’t know one person who hates Muslims who aren’t terrorists. I think most of us get the difference. I do think many Americans are afraid of the Muslim refugees, because they know our present Government wouldn’t protect us!

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