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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Through The Eyes of A Child: My 9 Year Old Daughter Olivia Weighs In On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

As the debate heats up and polarizes on the plight of the Syrian refugees it is so easy to forget that we are making decisions about human beings who desperately need our help. My daughter Olivia wanted to share a kids perspective on why she thought we should help the Syrian refugees. Sometimes I think we become less human as we “grow up.” Maybe children have the heart of God and we should listen more.

Immigration Attorney & Pastor Comments On Why He Thinks The U.S. Should Still Take In Syrian Refugees

If you are serious about understanding the refugee vetting process? Then you need to listen to Scott Hicks, Immigration attorney and Methodist minister. He gives us the real facts on this issue and helps ease our fears concerning more refugees coming into this country. Hands down this is going to be one of my most helpful posts on this issue.

Syrian Refugees Scapegoated and Mosque’s Vandalized

If we as Christians stand back and let our Muslim friends rights be violated then it is just a matter of time when we lose ours. We cannot have it both ways.

Frequently Asked Questions That Americans Have About Refugees

Christians Taking Action I found this really cool website called We Welcome Refugees.  I am so encouraged by their desire to take the message of Jesus seriously in their efforts to help solve this global crisis. No doubt there are many Americans who are concerned that if we let more refugees into the country we […]

What Would Jesus Do About the Syrian Refugee Crisis: An Evangelical Christian Response

Does Jesus have a relevant message for us concerning the Syrian refugee crisis? Is there an Evangelical response to his message. Lynne Hybels thinks so and so do I?

“Dad, You Have To Go To The Sudan And Try To Help Meriam Ibrahim and Her Baby!”

Many people over the past year have asked me to share more of my story about trip to Sudan to help Meriam Ibrahim. This blog entry captures the essence of that journey.