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Frequently Asked Questions That Americans Have About Refugees

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I found this really cool website called We Welcome Refugees.  I am so encouraged by their desire to take the message of Jesus seriously in their efforts to help solve this global crisis.

No doubt there are many Americans who are concerned that if we let more refugees into the country we are in danger of letting “sleeper terrorists” slip in among us. Others may feel that the refugee crisis is just too big and we do not have the power or resources to do anything about it.  This website does a great job of attempting to address these questions and more.  Here is the link to their questions section.  I encourage you to at least check it out and maybe make a donation. We Welcome Refugees

Also, they have a section on their website they have a section called “Now Is The Churches Moment.”  It will give you a list of organizations to choose from to help refugees.  One of my favorites is World Relief.  They have a proven track record with helping refugees.  Samaritan’s Purse is also leading the way in this crisis.   Rev.  Mike Slaughter and the United Methodist Church Rev. Mike Slaughter and the United Methodist Church are planning a major Christmas project to raise over 2 million dollars to help refugees.  If you prefer a more secular route the The United Nations Help Refugees would be a good consideration.   Just do something!

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