American Muslims Help Rebuild Churches

There a many Muslims leaders not only speaking out against ISIS and terrorism but they are also trying to help their Christian neighbors in this country who are going to times of suffering and difficulty. American Muslims are helping African American Christians rebuild their burned down churches. This is so cool. Check out my blog on this story!

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As a Southern Christian from an evangelical/charismatic background, I have been building bridges of love and peace to Muslims in the U.S. and overseas for almost ten years.  I have been amazed by the kindness, generosity and goodwill I have encountered and experienced from new Muslim friends.  Some people ask me why aren’t more Muslims speaking out against terrorism or trying to contribute and help non-Muslims in the U.S. who need help and assistance.  I have found many Muslims who are doing both, and I will be sharing many of these types of stories in future blogs.  Here is a story that I found deeply touching.  American Muslims raised over $100,000 to help rebuild Black churches that had been targeted by both arsonists and natural causes.  I say a hearty Well Done!” to my Muslim friends for this one.  If we have to compete with the Muslim community may it be with similar love and good deeds.  I hope you enjoy the links to the story below.

American Muslims Rebuild Black Churches

American Muslims Show Great Love To Christians

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