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How A Muslim Child Saved An Evangelical Minister’s Soul

I am ashamed to say this but there was a time when I hated Muslims. The really sad part is that I was a Southern conservative Bible-believing evangelical/charismatic Christian minister when I hated them the most. God used a little Muslim boy to get me back on the path of following Jesus and loving my neighbors. Even if they happen to be Muslims.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.00.51 AMPrior to 2005 I hated Muslims. I would not have admitted that openly, but my deepest feelings toward them were resentment, distrust and bitterness. Now, ten years later, I love them and see them as my brothers, sisters and dear friends. What brought about such a radical change of heart? It took place one afternoon in a Starbucks when I had an encounter with a Muslim boy named Omar.

Three months before I met Omar, I had been invited to attend a class at a church on Muslim/Christian relationships. I laughed at the invitation when I received it. My wife, Oceana, told me she felt like I should attend the class because I had a deep prejudice against Muslims, especially Arabs. I had always prided myself on being a progressive pastor who promoted racial reconciliation in the churches that I had lead, but when it came to Muslims I just could not see them the same way. After some prodding and prayer on the part of my wife I finally decided to take the class.

As I read books on Islam and attended the class, I began to realize that I was judging and condemning a group of people that I really knew little about. I read Muslim, Christian, and secular authors on Islam. I made a point to hear all sides. I did this to ensure that my conclusions concerning Islam would not be romantic in nature, but would be based on a sense of honesty, realism, and empathy.

I was not naïve in processing this information. I am concerned about the radical extremists who are committing horrible acts in the name of Islam, but I am equally concerned that the U.S. foreign policies toward the Muslim world have helped create much of the resentment that the Muslim world and other nations have toward us. Suffice it to say, I believe I am a more committed Christian today because of my genuine friendships with Muslims.

Although the class and the books I was reading were impacting my view of Muslims, it would take a small child named Omar to completely turn my heart around.

One day I was sitting in a Starbucks reading a book about Muslims and their culture. The more I read the book the more frustrated I became. I decided to pray for guidance on this issue. I closed my book and prayed: “God, surely you are not calling me to reach out to Muslims in friendship and to build bridges between Christians and Muslims. I want you to know that I have no desire to do this because it would stretch me way beyond my comfort zone. But if you are, I need you to give me a sign so clear I will never doubt it.”

I went back to drinking my coffee and felt a sense of relief. I did not believe He would answer that prayer. Within a couple of minutes, a little boy walked over and asked if he could borrow one of the highlighters that I was using to mark my book. I said, “Sure.” He got in a chair and said, “By the way, my name is Omar. I am five years old and I am here to teach you Arabic.” I was stunned. Omar’s mother called to him to leave me alone, but I told her that Omar was fine.

God had my complete attention.

Omar began writing in Arabic and coaching me on how to do it. Afterwards, I approached his mother and told her that I believed Omar would be a great teacher one day. She told me that Omar was a shy child and he did not typically approach strangers. She was trying to figure out what compelled him to come over to me. As I left Starbucks that day, I began my journey of walking with Muslims as a genuine friend.

I have never doubted that God sent Omar to soften the heart of this Christian who had forgotten the words of Jesus. He said that His followers must love their neighbors as much as they love themselves, and that we even love, forgive and pray for our enemies.

I no longer see Muslims as my enemies and I can say that I have a deep love and genuine friendship with many of them. I encourage Muslims and Christians to form friendship groups and to eat together; to discuss the Bible and the Qur’an, not to debate, but to find out what they have in common and to gain understanding about how they are different; and I encourage churches, mosques and synagogues to partner together on humanitarian projects.

Some will say that I am compromising my faith by what I am doing. I believe such endeavors of mercy are at the core of the teachings of Jesus the Messiah.


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Hi Jeff
Do you know the story of one Ummer who was one of the greatest disciple of the prophet. He was one of the people that hated Islam and was on his way to assassinate the prophet when he witnessed a miracle and converted to Islam. He is very similar to the Disciple Luke.
Here is a YouTube video of Ummer…

Jeff, as a Muslim who tries my best to build bridges with all humanity, I applaud you. God has granted you a unique opportunity to do even more good. How blessed you are! And how special was little Omar! Salaam brother.

Thank you, Nailah! Muslims and Christians need each other more now than ever to move humanity toward to the common good of all. Small acts of neighborly kindness done each day help push by the darkness of fear, anger, and hate. Keep building those bridges.


I love your following statement very much which is the way forward for humanity:
“I encourage Muslims and Christians to form friendship groups and to eat together; to discuss the Bible and the Qur’an, not to debate, but to find out what they have in common and to gain understanding about how they are different; and I encourage churches, mosques and synagogues to partner together on humanitarian projects.”

This is the way it starts — how we see and think of each other. “Getting our fists and fears down” is very humbling at first, but then refreshing and liberating as we learn to respect the Divine in hearts of “people of peace” – which Jesus tells His followers to seek out as they/we go… not everyone that holds to a certain set of ideas is also a person of peace – but we can be found in surprising places – and what a joy it is to discover love for each other through mutual love for our Creator and His kingdom.

Pastor Jeff, welcome to the journey. Now that you realize that Muslims are not your enemy, maybe you will come to see that there is no one “Muslim culture,” and that the great mosaic of peoples and cultures that practice the Muslim faith are as diverse and beautiful as the myriad of cultures and peoples that call themselves “Christian.” Also, there are many interfaith groups around the country that are coming together to do good things in their community. Sadly, there are more Jews and Muslims coming together than there are Christians and Muslims. You are in a position to change that :).

I agree with you, Lisa. We have a lot of work to do but there are many wonderful things happening in spite of the fearful and the haters. Let’s keep the pillars of hope burning bright for the glory of God.

Truly happy that God opened your heart brother. Now, let His Light shine through you. Prayers of peace for all. From your Muslim sister.

God bless you sister Madihah. Pray his like continues to shine through me as I bring his love and peace to dark places.

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). [chapter 49- verse13 from Quran]

Your brother in Islam.

I like this story. There is something spiritual about what Omar and Jeff did. Authenticity and dedication make a real difference. May Allah guide us all to His path of light, peace, wisdom and love. Thank you Jeff for sharing.

I love this story and if you allow me to notice that message of God in this beautiful stiry were concider learning arabic language , actualy problem starts with wrong or superfacial translation of Word of God Qur’an to english language.

The Qur’an is a beautiful book and to read it in Arabic would be a great gift of learning. Thank you for your suggestion.

[…] I have a personal story about something like this that I’m not allowed to tell yet! So here I’ll say that I have many friends of Muslim persuasion who are emphatically not ISIS. For those assuming that Muslim = Terrorist, I invite you to ask yourself: Do you believe that Christian = IRA, LRA, Crusader or Westboro Baptist Church? If your answer is to contextualize for me why these groups don’t represent true Christianity as you understand and practice it, I encourage you to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And read my friend Jeff Burns’ testimony of How a Muslim Child Saved an Evangelical Minister’s Soul. […]


I love the story, I watched your youtube video. God works in miracelous way, and you are chosen by him, may God bless you always, and guide you to his straight path.


Thank you, Tumiran for your kind and generous words. May we all seek the Path he has set before us.


May God bless brothers Jeff and Omar abundantly! I’m neither a Christian nor a Muslim but I love this work of interfath love and harmony!

When he sent Omar it revealed to me that God had a very good and compassionate heart. He knew the way to conquer me would be through a little child.

Hello Jeff – how wonder-full your experience.
It seems to me that being in Christ, being made alive in Christ, being a new person in Christ is all about being ‘outside one’s comfort zone’, because one ‘s new comfort zone is Jesus Christ, G-D. That opens up our horizon, and our vision to see as G-D sees and to love as G-D loves and feels like a free-falling parachute jump, with the inexpressible Mystery of Love as our safety net.
With the love and peace of Christ.

عليك مسؤولية كبيرة لتقؤيب وجهات النظر بين المسلمين والمسحيين
هذه هي رسالة الله لك والرسالة الثانية تعلم اللغة العربية اخوك في الاسلام حسن

Peace Brother

How Perfect is He! Keep up the good work Jeff. It was clear to me that God was telling you to learn Arabic….have you continued? If not, then why not?

Please see my personal favourite story:

In the first chapter of Prof Lang’s book is a similar sign….

Dear Jeff,
I recently saw your YouTube video while looking at other videos. Maashaa Allah, it’s just amazing. I was wondering if you have met Omar again, and how he is now.

May Allah always guide you to the righteous path.
Love and peace from your Muslim friend from Malaysia.
3 January 2019

This is so awesome Jeff! Glad you are a brother through Jesus and that we met through CHM. Thank you for your prayers for my back. My husband and I are thankful for your story and stand with you as you love Muslims and make those connections. Blessings!

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