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American Muslims Help Rebuild Churches

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As a Southern Christian from an evangelical/charismatic background, I have been building bridges of love and peace to Muslims in the U.S. and overseas for almost ten years.  I have been amazed by the kindness, generosity and goodwill I have encountered and experienced from new Muslim friends.  Some people ask me why aren’t more Muslims speaking out against terrorism or trying to contribute and help non-Muslims in the U.S. who need help and assistance.  I have found many Muslims who are doing both, and I will be sharing many of these types of stories in future blogs.  Here is a story that I found deeply touching.  American Muslims raised over $100,000 to help rebuild Black churches that had been targeted by both arsonists and natural causes.  I say a hearty Well Done!” to my Muslim friends for this one.  If we have to compete with the Muslim community may it be with similar love and good deeds.  I hope you enjoy the links to the story below.

American Muslims Rebuild Black Churches

American Muslims Show Great Love To Christians

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  1. Safi Kaskas

    Great initiative that we need to expand it

    1. Jeff

      Thanks Safi. I agree

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