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  1. Lawrence Mabry

    Jeff ,I think what you’re doing is great……Thank you !!

    1. Jeff

      Hey LC. Great to hear from you. I mention you in one of my blogs. Hope to see you the next time I come to VA. After 4:00 today my blog will be officially launched and will be populated with a total of seven blog entries. If you are interested sign up for my blog any time but if you do it after 4:00 all the new entries will be there. I will be blogging several times a week and if you sign up my blogs will come to your inbox.

  2. Glad you are blogging, Jeff! Looking forward to read what you write!

  3. mary

    I just saw your video on the Muslim Boy….. so touched, all I can say is amen.

    1. Jeff

      Thanks Mary!

  4. Came here to read instead of watching. The Muslim Boy who …

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